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The 4th Guizishan International Cultural Festival

CCNU hosted the 4th Guizishan International Cultural Festival on May 20th 2017. The festival is held every two years and is one of the major cultural events of Central China Normal University.This year, international students from 58 countries took part in this show. They arranged the exhibition booth along the main avenue on campus, decorated with pictures of beautiful scenery of their country...

"Experience China - Beijing visit" activity

Five international students from our university took part in the "Experience China - Beijing visit" activity organized by the China Scholarship Council from November 2 to 5. About 100 outstanding Chinese government scholarship students from 18 other universities also participated in the event.On the morning of November 3, students came to the the Chinese People's Political Consultat...

CCNU took part in "Liudong Zhongguo" final

The second "Liudong Zhongguo" final was held in Yangzhou University September 18-20, 2016. It was a sports game for international students in China organized by the Ministry of Education and the games include sports art show, basketball and orienteering. The preliminaries had taken place from March to June 2016 and 12 teams from 4 regions had made their way to the final. This year, ...

Prep class students cultural trip

On June 7, 2016, 150 International students of CCNU preparatory courses took part in a cultural activity sponsored by the China Scholarship Council and it was entitled "witness the Chinese technology and experience the culture".The students first visited the Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen company in the morning. It is a large automobile joint venture created by Chinese company Dongfeng an...

"Experience China-Wisdom of Xiangyang" activity

10 international students from our college participated in the "Experience China-Wis Xiangyang" activity in Xiangyang city hosted by the China Scholarship Council and sponsored by Wuhan University of Technology. 85 students from Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan Polytechnic University also attended this event.The students visited Hubei Shenyu Machiner...
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