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Teachers and Students of the College of International Cultural Exchange Filmed a Video of Congratulating Central China Normal University on Its 120th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the founding of Central China Normal University, on the afternoon of September 19th 2023, teachers and students of the College of International Cultural Exchange filmed a video congratulating the University on its 120th anniversary

Meeting at Guizishan: Smooth Start for the 2023 International Freshmen Registration

​From September 5th to 7th, the 2023 international freshmen of our university registered at the International Cultural Park Building 1 Hall. Staff members from the Student Affairs Office, Admissions Office, and Academic Affairs Office of the College of International Cultural Exchange, along with some faculty members and "Yang Lei Feng" volunteer service team members, participated in the regist...

The Cultural Festival: a Sip of Diverse Cultures

​Editor's NoteOn May 27, 2023, the 6th GuiZi Mountain International Cultural Festival of Central China Normal University took place with the theme "Forever Young, Always CCNU ".The event witnessed the participation of representatives of international students from 53 countries, as well as representatives from ethnic minorities within our school and representatives of intangible cultural herita...

Official Release of《Each One Help One》

In order to celebrate the 120th birthday of Central China Normal University and the 10th birthday of the "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteers Association, Members of the Association created a song 《Each One help One》as a gift to people everywhere who have the spirit of Lei Feng as well as everyone who is and was a member of the "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteer Association. The Music Video for the 10th annive...
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