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Application Guidance for Self-supporting International Students

Application Website:



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STEP 1. Create New Account

1. 新建账号

* Please follow instructions on the website and fill in your information. After successfully registered, you will be able to use your Username and Password to log in.

* 请根据网站提示填写个人信息。注册成功后,可使用用户名密码登陆系统。

STEP 2. Log in

2. 登陆

STEP 3. Start Application

3. 开始申请

* Read the Application Notes carefully, then click I agree.

* 仔细阅读申请须知,然后点击我同意

* Please select an enrollment category, then click Next.

* 请选择招生类别,然后点击下一步

STEP 4. Finish Application

4. 完成申请

* Fill in information required on the application pages and submit. You will reach this page.

* 在申请页面填写申请信息并提交,提交成功后将显示此页面。

STEP 5. Check My Application Status

5. 及时查看我的申请状态

Application Guidance for Self-supporting International Students 自费国际学生入学申请指南.pdf

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