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Visa / residence permit

Residence Permit Application

A. New students should apply for the Residence Permit within 30 days from the date of entry at the Exit/ Entry Administration of Wuhan Public Security Bureau

B. Application materials: 1. Admission Notice 2. JW201 (202) Form 3. Study Certificate 4.Housing Certificate 5. Health Certificate

C. Application fees:

1. For one-year residence permit : 400 Yuan;

3. For two- three- year residence permit: 800 Yuan;

4. For more than three years: 1000 Yuan;

5. Residence permit duration modification: 200 Yuan.


1、Students with a valid residence permit do not need to apply for other visas, but must go to office 206 to register.

2、For Students must present their families invitations letters, embassies (consulates) to apply for L visa and read along. Students must prepare stamped proof of kinship for their families by the Embassy (Consulate), valid health physical examination report would be needed to process the residence permit. Accompanying family members cannot exceed a residence permit validity that is valid for the students.

3、Various types of visas, residence permits, and passport pages shall not be altered, damaged, offenders will be punished.

4、Passports should be kept safely; any loss must be reported immediately to office 206 teachers. Students should collect a letter of proof of the loss to the district police station to report the loss, to the Wuhan Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration replaced "Lost proof", and then to the country's embassy (consulate) to apply for a new passport. After the issuance of the new passport, you need to re-apply for residence permits.


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