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Airport pick-up service


Central China Normal University has authorized China University Application Center (CUAC) to provide airport pick-up services to all our international students during the registration.


How to book the service:

Step 1: Book the service and complete the payment 3 days in advance before your departure date to China.

Step 2: Provide us with your arrival date and flight information after your booking is completed.

Step 3: When arriving at the airport, please find a CUAC representative who will be holding a Welcome board with a CUAC logo, confirm your identity with him/her.

Step 4: Please find us before the bus is due to leave and it will take you directly to the University.

Step 5: When arriving the University, you will be guided to complete your registration and directed to your accommodation.

Step 6: CUAC staff will help with hotel booking for late arrivals in the evening and thus the registration will be guided within next day.


Contact Information:

Email : ccnu@at0086.com

Cell phone: 0086 18971414059

Tel: 0086-27-8744 6102


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