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2024 Admission for International Students

2024年国际学生招生简章 Admission for International Students.pdf​2024年国际学生招生简章(俄语版本)2024 ПРАВИЛА ПРИЕМА ИНОСТРАННЫХ СТУДЕНТОВ.pdf2024年国际学生招生简章(法语版本)Admission 2024 Pour Les Étudiants Internationaux.pdf2024年国际学生招生简章(阿拉伯语版本)قبول الطلاب الأجانب لعام  2024 .pdf2024年国际学生招生简章(越语版本)Đại ...

Welcome to Central China Normal University International Summer School 2024

CENTRAL CHINA NORMAL UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2024Theme: China through the lensTime: June 30th - August 10th, 2024Application Due: May 31stIf you are interested in our Summer School, you can contact us:Email address: 15071210487@163.comPhone number: 027-67868889/027-67865529Please click the link at the end of the text to download the attached application form and send it to the em...

Degree Verification for international students

For the purpose of Degree Verification for international students, Government Institutions, companies and all other institutions that need to verify the Degrees of Former CCNU International students should directly email us at degreeverification@mail.ccnu.edu.cn如果有任何机构需要核实我校毕业国际学生的学历,学位信息,请邮件至以下邮箱:degreeverification@mail.ccnu.edu.cn。多谢配合

Application Guide for International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2024 Spring Intake

In order to meetthe growing demand of the internationalcommunity for Chinese language teachers and facilitating Chineselanguage education in other countries,the Center For Language Education And Cooperation (CLEC) will continue with the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship. Confucius Institutes,independently operated Confucius Classrooms, certain HSK test centers, Chinese languag...

2023 CCNU Scholarship(for excellent new students)Name List

After reviewing applications from all applicants, our university decides to offer scholarship to TRAN LE KHANH LINH and other 9 excellent new students. 2023 CCNU Scholarship (for excellent new students)name list is informed as below: 2023年华中师范大学学校奖学金项目录取名单2023 CCNU Scholarship(for excellent new students) Name List序号No申请编号Application No.护照姓名Passport Name国籍Nation...
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