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2022 Excellent Student Award Application

To All International Students:In order to honor excellent students and also to encourage all students to study hard, the college has decided to award some outstanding students. Details are as follows:Eligibility:1. Should be CCNU international student(Graduating Students are prioritize)2. Should have studied at least for one year in the pursuit of completing your majoy.3.1st year students who ...

“My China Story” Short Video Competition

1. BackgroundApril 20 of 2022 is the Grain Rain, one of the 24 solar terms in China. Meanwhile, it is also the day of the 2022 International Chinese Language Day, co-organized by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and ChinesePlus. The theme of 2022 International Chinese Language Day is “Chinese Language: Together For a Bright Future”. To celebrate International Chinese Day, Chi...

“My China Surprise” Short Film Project

Really? Do you think that the impressions of China presented in main-stream media are too stereotypical? What you heard about China does not match reality in China?This time, we give you chances to film and record the real China! Regardless of Hot pot, mahjong, math maniac or Beijing Opera、 martial arts Suona Horn、Erhu, you can film anything you want.As a saying goes in China, it is better to...
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