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Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China


Dormitory regulations



Regulations to Follow

    1.The student has to abide by all the laws of the Peoples Republic of China, regulations set by immigration, and the universitys rules and regulations. The student will show respect to teachers and others and will actively participate in creating a civilized learning and living environment.

    2. The student shall not engage in alcoholism, fighting, gambling, drug use, dissemination, and production of illegal materials, whether audio, books, or visual. Shall not participate in unlawful religious activity or perform cult or feudal superstitious activities. Shall not participate or harm other students in any way. Public order shall be preserved at all times. The student shall also practice self-preservation and protect himself at all times.    Office 206 and the police can be contacted in situations of emergency.

    3.If the university realizes that a student is mentally unstable, engages in illegal activities, or has the potential to harm himself and others, the university will assist the relevant department in taking out the necessary measure in accordance with the laws of China.

    4.Students shall abide by the laws of China and the university on internet use. The student shall not log on to illegal or pornographic websites and shall not participate in disseminating illegal messages, whether audio or visual. The student shall not fabricate or share false or harmful information and shall not attack, hack, or invade other people’s computers and mobile communication network systems.

    5.International students shall abide by the rule and regulations of students’ dormitory. Encourage and support students to implement self-management .





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