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Short-term Programs

I. Program





Probing the Essence of Three Kingdom and Chu Culture

The courses take you back to thousand years agoand to trave with heroes in that period. The Chu Culture and appreciation of  masterpieces of local writers enables you to experience the essence of Chinese literature.

1.              Ages between 18 to 60;

2. High school graduate certificate

Teaching Skills Workshop for Oversea Chinese language Teachers

With the urgently needed courses such as Chinese Intonation, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Writing, Compiling of Teaching Plan and Teaching Practice, the teachers are expected to improve their teaching ability.

1.Oversea Chinese-Language Teachers ages above 22;

2. High school graduate certificate

Oversea Chinese AdolescentCulture Experience Camp

The Oversea Chinese Family Camp offers the children not only the opportunity to understand China’s history and culture, but also the chance of intimacy and growing with parents.

1.Ages above 12;

2.Certificate Of Schooling

Cultural Industry Study Tour of Wuhan City

With the visit to industries, lectures on politics and the economy, oral Chinese classes and cultural excursion, you will get the vision of China and Wuhan city and the opportunity to integrate into local economic development.

1.Ages between 18 to 60(applicants above 60 should submit health certificate);

2.The applicant should have high school graduate certificate

Chinese language and Culture Camp

Guided by colorful lectures on Chinese traditional culture, oral Chinese classes and various activities, the Camp helps the participants to perceive China’s long history, to immerse in the real languageenvironment and to experience the life of common Chinese people.

1.Ages between 18 to 60(The applicants above 60 should submit health certificate);

2.The applicant should have high school graduate certificate



II. Application Materials


1. International Student Study Application Form which can be downloaded on the website of    www.cice.ccnu.edu.cn;

2. High School or University Diploma photocopy

3. Two passport-sized photographs;

4. One photocopy of passport data page



III. Fees


1. Registration Fees: 300 RMB

2. Tuition Fees: 10000 RMB for a three-week program, including the courses, accommodation at the international student dorms, cultural field trip and airport pickup;

3. The program may be cut to 2 weeks at request and the tuition may be reduced accordingly


IV. Accommodation


International Student Dorm of Central China Normal University


V. The minimum number of participants in a group should be 15


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