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Application Procedures


Step 1: Visit the application websitehttp://isao.ccnu.edu.cn/. 

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Step 2: Create a personal account. ( areas with "*" are mandatory)

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Step 3: Activate your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email :

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Step 4: Start application

1. choose a program

C:Program FilesTencentQQUsers527129433FileRecvMobileFileImage])SDFYP7S4RXY1_YOET0HCF.png

2. Select the student type

C:Program FilesTencentQQUsers527129433FileRecvMobileFileImage2CYG@PZCTF3KLBN0UEW7666.png

3. Select "department, major and teaching language"

4. Fill in and upload all the required information , submit your application.



Required application materials



Student type







1. highest degree of education (notarized copy)

2. transcriptnotarized copy

3. study plan

4. two recommendation letters (for Master and Ph.D candidates)

5. copy of passport

6. photo20-80K, with blue background


Chinese language student

1. copy of passport

2. photo20-80K, with blue background

3. highest degree of education (for African students)



General study student (non-degree)

1. highest degree of education (notarized copy)

2. transcriptnotarized copy

3. study plan

4. copy of passport

5. photo20-80K, with blue background




NoteStudents who apply for programs taught in English must provide the English proficiency certificate


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