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Training Scheme for Master Students of Sociology

Training Scheme for Master Students of Sociology (First Level Discipline)

for international students

I Training Objectives              

This program aims at training high-caliber and all-round talents in sociology. Specific requirements are as follows:

1. Systematically master the basic theories and professional knowledge of sociology;

2. Be familiar with the history, current situation and the development trend of sociology research inthe world;

3. Systematically master the principles and methods of social survey and social study;

4. Have the ability to conduct independent research in sociological theories and practices;


II Standard Program Duration,

  The Masters in Sociology standard program duration is three years, the maximum duration is fouryears. The course study takes two year (though their focus during this period should be on course studies and practice activities, they can make some preparation for the academic dissertation), and the work of dissertation normal takes at least one year. We adopt the credit system, and the total credits required are 33 credits (16 hours/credit), among which 4 are credits for practice activities.


III Practice Activities

Master students should select the following practice activities under the guidance of their supervisors, which take up 4 credits in total.

1.      Social Survey Practice

Before graduation, Master students should participate in the social survey practices of different research programs, and the duration of the social survey practice should be at least one week long. The proof of these social survey activities should be presented to the Major Steering Group for evaluation. Those who pass the evaluation can earn 2 credits.

2.      Academic Activity

Master students should attend 2-4 academic activities (academic lectures, seminars, and meetings), and record them in the <Registration Form of Graduate Students Participation of Academic Activities of CCNU>. The Major Steering Group should evaluate that before they graduate. Those who pass the evaluation can earn 2 credits.


VI Scientific Research


Master students must participate in the topic and dissertation survey and research of their supervisors, participate in the scientific research projects of their supervisors, and chose a topic to conduct survey and research. The means of the survey and research include field work, material collecting, data analysis, and etc., which are normally scheduled in the second year, last for twenty days in total, and subject to the practical needs and conditions of their supervisors.

Before graduation, Master students must finish at least two course papers, and two academic-year thesis”. Those who apply for early graduation, should officially publish one paper (within the field of their major studies) in a CSSCI journal, as the first author, or as the second author when the first author is their supervisor, and in the name of CCNU. The paper must be officially published, and the notice of publication cannot substitute for the actual publication. 


VII Academic Dissertation

1.      Before the end of the fourth semester, Master students should decide the title of their academic dissertation, pass the evaluation for the proposal of their academic dissertation, make the work plan of their academic dissertation, and to ensure that when they pass the evaluation for the proposal of their academic dissertation, they will have at least 8 months left before their oral defense to write their dissertation.

2.      The requirements for Masters dissertation topics and the level of the dissertation are as follows:

(1)     The dissertation topic should have theoretical and practical significance, and reflect the features of sociology discipline.

(2)     The dissertation should have certain academic value, being innovative in its content or methodology.

(3)      The dissertation should not only reflect the author’s good mastery of basic theories and research methods of his or her major, but also reflect his or her good research abilities.


<Curricular Design Form for Master Students of Sociology (First Level Discipline)




Discipline Compulsory Courses


Selected Readings of Classic Works on SociologyEnglish


Western Sociological TheoriesEnglish


Research Methods for Sociology (bilingual)


Special Topics on Chinese Social ThoughtsChinese


Special Topics on Economic Sociology (bilingual)




Special Topics on Sociology of Organization (bilingual)


Social StatisticsEnglish


Social and Cultural Research Based on Evolutionism(bilingual)


Selected Readings in Social Issues in English (bilingual)


Poverty and developmentEnglish


Special Topics on Criminology English


Globalization and Development (English)



Social Security Study



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