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Central China Normal University Chinese Language School (10 Weeks)

Central China Normal University Chinese Language  School (10 Weeks)

Established in 1999, the College of International Cultural Exchange is qualified to receive and train Chinese government scholarship students and Confucius Institute scholarship students. On behalf of the University, it undertakes the teaching and management work related to the "Chinese Education Base", the "Chinese Government Scholarship Foundation for Studying in China", the "Demonstration Base for Studying in China", the National New Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (New HSK) test center and the "Research Base for International Promotion of Chinese Language" in Hubei Province.

The college has an elegant environment, diverse multimedia equipment, complete educational levels, and a complete educational system. The college attaches great importance to the quality of teaching and implements small class teaching. Since its formation, it has trained over 11000 international students from 173 countries.

In order to meet the international students needs of improving their Chinese proficiency , our school plans to offer offline Chinese language courses in the autumn semester of 2023.

1 Course arrangement

In the autumn semester of 2023, our school plans to offer Primary Chinese Class 1 (suitable for Chinese beginners), Primary Chinese Class 2 (suitable for HSK2 level students), Intermediate Chinese Class 1 (suitable for HSK3 level students), Intermediate Chinese Class 2 (suitable for HSK4 level students), and Advanced Chinese Language (suitable for HSK5 level students). The class will commence once a minimum of 8 students registrations per class is reached.

The curriculum includes: Chinese Comprehensive Course, Chinese Listening Course, Chinese Speaking Course, Chinese Reading Course, and the HSK Intensive Course.

2 Class Schedule:

Saturday 8:30 to 12:30, Sunday 8:30 to 12:30, 8 hours per week totaling 10 weeks. Course schedule can be adjusted according to specific circumstances.

3 Application qualifications

1. Non Chinese nationality citizens with valid foreign passports.

2. Aged between 18 and 50 years old (including 18 and 50 years old).

3. Be in good health, be kind to China, and have no criminal record.

4 Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 2125 yuan per person.

5 Teaching location

No. 3 Teaching Building, International Cultural Park, Central China Normal University.

6 Registration method

1. Log into the international student enrollment system of Central China Normal University (http://ccnu.at0086.cn/student). Register and activate your account.

2. After selecting the "Short Term Project – Chinese Language School", fill out the application form online and upload a copy of your passport and your HSK transcript.

3. Use the campus unified payment platform of Central China Normal Universityhttp://cwzf.ccnu.edu.cn/login.aspx?local=zh -Cn) and pay online.

7Special notes

1. This course does not provide the JW202 form or residence permit, and does not provide dormitories for international students.

2. After the class starts, the tuition fee will not be refunded in principle.

3. Applicants are required to submit all materials to the online registration system within the application deadline. Incomplete materials or unsuccessful online registration will not be accepted.

4. If any student is interested in registering for Chinese Culture, Chinese Panorama, Business Chinese or Chinese Cultural Experience courses (like Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Painting, Martial Arts), please contact us at shengman.zhao@ccnu.edu.cn.

5. Application time for this continuing education class: Annual enrollment.

8 Contact information

Tel: 027-67865527;

Email: shengman.zhao@ccnu.edu.cn.

College of International Cultural Exchange

September 28, 2023

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