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Dormitory regulations

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1. Check-in procedure

A. Present a copy of admission notice,JW202/201 and passport to the dormitory reception.


B. Pay 300 Yuan for deposit, it is refundable upon checking out of the dormitory. (please take good care of the receipt)


C. Pay accommodation fees and water, electricity bill on the 3rd floor of the old library,. (Scholarship students only need to pay the water, electricity bill)

Student can pay the water, electricity bill at the dorm after they have the student card.

2. Room change

1. Students need to submit an application to office 206.

    2. The office will announce the result on the 15th and the 30th every month.

3. Each student can only submit one application per semester.


For a change into a single room, CSC scholarship student need to pay the accommodation balance of the year. Self-supportstudents need to pay a one-time expense of rent for six months.


3. Noise

In order to provide students with a quiet learning environment, college dormitories will be strictly monitored for noise. Students cannot hold parties in the dorm, private party; loud music is prohibited. Quiet period: 11: 30 pm --- 8:00 am

1Students should inform the dorm reception in case of serious noise.

2Students making noises will be warned




Scholarship Students

Self Supported Students

The first noise complaint

Serious warning

Serious Warning

The second complaint

Suspend scholarship

Not allowed to stay in the dorm

Not allowed to stay in the dorm

The third complaint

Expulsion from school

Expulsion from school


4. Water and power usage

Dormitory electricity standard: 0.58 yuan / kwh; water standards: 1.9 yuan / ton.


Electric cookers can be used only in the public kitchens;


Heaters, induction cooker and other high power electrical appliances are prohibited in the dormitory;


Gas cylinders and other inflammable and explosive materials are prohibited in the dormitory .


The appliances will be confiscated and students will be punished.


5. Visitor

Generally, only student's family members can visit the student in the dormitory.


For student living in a Single room, the visiting of the spouse is allowed on the

condition that they provide a certified marriage certificate.


Children of international students cannot stay in the dormitory. The adjustment from shared room to single room will not be approved because of the spouse’s arriving.


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