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CCNU International Students Won the Second Prize in the “Recitation of China” Provincial Finals|我校国际学生荣获“诵读中国”湖北省决赛二等奖

Winners of the 4th Chinese Classics Recitation, Writing, Speech Contest “Recitation of China” Hubei Province finals were recently announced. The recitation of Yueyang Tower by international students under the guidance of our college counselor Xu Liang won the second prize in the international students’ group, and the work will be recommended to participate in the national finals.Since late ...

Social Practice in Summer Vacation 促中外交流,传红色星火

In order to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and enhance the perception and understanding of Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese way, and the Chinese system among the International students in China, the International Students'affairs Office (Office 206) at the College of International Cultural Exchange, Central China Normal University and the Central China N...

The 2022 CCUN International Graduates Forum Held Successfully

The 2022 CCUN International Graduates Forum was successfully held on the afternoon of June 16th. Professor Peng Shuangjie, Vice-President of Central China Normal University, Professor Zhao Changfeng, Director of the Department of International Politics, School of Politics and International Studies, Associate Professor of School of Psychology Cheng Xiaorong, Associate Professor Xie Zhipeng, Depu...

2022 International Youth Film Project· Hubei Starts in CCNU (Published by Central China Normal University on May 17th 2022)

On April 29, the opening ceremony of 2022 Looking China-International Youth Film Project· Hubei started at Yifu International Convention Center.Gao Feng, the representative of the organizers delivered a speech online. He introduced the development and the status quo of this project. Besides, he encouraged all the teenagers from home and aboard to create fascinating works from unique perspective...

"Looking China" All Participants Assembled

Through the lens of international students, together with Chinese student volunteers, "Looking China" aims to exhibit the unique experiences of foreigners in narrating Chinese stories. Each pair is assigned to shoot a 10 minute video, which intends to enhance Chinese culture's international influence, and intercultural communication and cooperation between Chinese and international students.At ...
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