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CCNU International Students Won the Second Prize in the “Recitation of China” Provincial Finals|我校国际学生荣获“诵读中国”湖北省决赛二等奖


Winners of the 4th Chinese Classics RecitationWriting, Speech Contest Recitation of China” Hubei Province finals were recently announced. The recitation of Yueyang Tower by international students under the guidance of our college counselor Xu Liang won the second prize in the international students’ group, and the work will be recommended to participate in the national finals.

Since late May, our college (CICE), in cooperation with the School of Teacher Education and School of Journalism and Communication, selected three international students: NGALOUBALI KEN JHONTONY, an undergraduate student from the Republic of Congo; RATTANAMALAILUK PIYARAT, a post-graduate student from Thailand; HOSAN AKRAM, a post-graduate student from Bangladesh. We believe that by participating in this competition, international students could gain insights into profound traditional Chinese culture, which helps to develop international friends who understand and love China. After more than a month of careful training, practice, and video shooting and editing, the three international students’ recitation work “Yueyang Tower” was successfully submitted and won second prize in the Provincial level finals.

Chinese Classic Recitation, Writing, Speech Contest is organized by the Ministry of Education and National Language Commission, to explain the meaning/connotation of Chinese culture, highlight the charm of Chinese, promote the Chinese spirit, enhance the language and cultural literacy skills of the general public (especially the youths), form a social atmosphere where people are close to and passionate for Chinese classics and build a common spiritual home for the Chinese nation.

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