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Social Practice in Summer Vacation 促中外交流,传红色星火


In order to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and enhance the perception and understanding of Chinese history, Chinese culture, Chinese way, and the Chinese system among the International students in China, the International Students'affairs Office (Office 206) at the College of International Cultural Exchange, Central China Normal University and the Central China Normal University Committee of the Communist Youth Party actively responded to the call of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth Party and established the social practice team for Chinese and foreign students of central China Normal University with the theme of “China's ten years”.From August 22 to August 26, the practice team went deep into Xujiachong village, Three Gorges Dam, Longquan town, and other places in Yichang City, Hubei Province, focusing on "historical perception", "Rural Revitalization", "community governance" and "innovation and entrepreneurship". The team visited local communities and enterprises and carried out social practice week for Chinese and International students.

During the five days, the practice team followed the footsteps of General Secretary Xi Jinping, walked into Xujiachong Village to experience the stretch embroidery technology and tea industry and watched the micro-documentary of the immigration relocation story, then visited the immigration exhibition hall, understood the story of the Three Gorges immigrants closely and felt the spirit of "giving up the small family, for the whole society".

At the Three Gorges Dam, the practice team visited the three Gorges Project Experience Hall. They viewed the whole picture of the Three Gorges and felt China's scientific and technological strength and humanistic feelings.Along the route of rural revitalization, the practice team went through Puxi Village, Gaochang Village, Rural Revitalization Pilot Zone, and other places to investigate the community grass-roots governance in Yichang, feeling the multiple benefits brought by the emerging planting model of modern agriculture to the villagers, and understanding the new grass-roots information governance model.In the Three Gorges Business Incubation Park, Green Gables Cultural Industrial Park, Yichang High-speed Railway North Station INdustrial Park, and Hubei Daohuaxiang Group, the practice team listened to the innovation and entrepreneurship stories of the Chinese people's determination and hard work in the new era and felt the"unswerving commitment" innovative spirit of the Chinese nation.At Yichang Planning Exhibition Hall and Yichang Museum, the practice team focused on experiencing the urban style of Yichang with "half landscape and the half city", and understanding the development history of Yichang, the development context, and current situation of urban planning and construction.In the Shine-Muscat Grape planting base in Puxi Village, a Senegalese doctoral student, experienced the new mode of rural e-commerce live streaming in person and actively promoted local agricultural products.

Lugazo, a Tanzanian doctoral student, talked about his feelings about visiting Xujiacong village and the Three Gorges Dam: “This practice let me see the kindness and selfless dedication of the spirit of Yichang villagers, let me rethink altruism, realize that the Chinese people not only for their own interests but also committed to the interests of the precious national spirit of the collective and society.”

The Chinese and international students social practice week. Chinese and International students uphold the theme of “Practice in person —— to promote communication between Chinese and International community and Spread the Chinese Spirits.”

In practice, they felt and inherited the spirit and culture of the places of Jin and Chu. They played a positive role for international students in understanding a more real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China and contributed to Chinese and International students jointly telling Chinese stories and promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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