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Meeting at Guizishan: Smooth Start for the 2023 International Freshmen Registration


From September 5th to 7th, the 2023 international freshmen of our university registered at the International Cultural Park Building 1 Hall. Staff members from the Student Affairs Office, Admissions Office, and Academic Affairs Office of the College of International Cultural Exchange, along with some faculty members and "Yang Lei Feng" volunteer service team members, participated in the registration of international freshmen.

In anticipation of the first offline gathering of international students after the pandemic, the college attached great importance to it. They made early preparations, coordinated plans, released admission instructions for new students, created welcoming cards, cleaned the dormitories, carefully arranged the registration site, and arranged Chinese and international student volunteers to welcome the new students at the airport and train stations.

To simplify the registration process and improve efficiency, this year's registration for international freshmen was carried out step by step in a streamlined manner. Students followed the instructions to submit and collect materials, complete new student registration, accommodation registration, insurance purchase, Chinese language proficiency tests, and other procedures. On-site, staff members from various college offices and volunteers patiently handled the registration procedures, answered questions, and with warm smiles, friendly greetings, and thoughtful service, eliminated the sense of strangeness for the new students, making them feel a harmonious and caring academic atmosphere. Lugazo, a Tanzanian doctoral student, said, "This is my fifth time participating in the welcoming work, and I hope that through our assistance, international students can quickly become familiar with the school and adapt to campus life."

On September 8th, Li Minlin, an international student counselor from the college, along with volunteers Barry from Gambia, Victoria from Mexico led all international freshmen to the Wuhan International Travel Medical Center for physical examinations and organized a Campus Tour to help the new students become familiar with the campus. During the campus tour, international freshmen immersed themselves in the beautiful surroundings and looked forward to embarking on their long-awaited campus life.  Jian Chen,a new student from Afghanistan, said, "I hope to continuously improve myself at Central China Normal University and make more like-minded friends."

Students from all over the world gathered at Guizishan, embarking on their new educational journey, injecting new vitality into Guizishan and adding a diverse international flavor. Counselor Li Minlin said, "This is my first year as an international student counselor, and I am very happy to meet students from all over the world at Central China Normal University. We will help students have a better experience of campus culture and enhance their understanding and identification with Chinese culture and CCNU culture. I hope students can gain a lot during their study life at Guizishan!"

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