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Official Release of《Each One Help One》


In order to celebrate the 120th birthday of Central China Normal University and the 10th birthday of the "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteers Association, Members of the Association created a song Each One help Oneas a gift to people everywhere who have the spirit of Lei Feng as well as everyone who is and was a member of the "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteer Association.

The Music Video for the 10th anniversary of "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteer Association

歌名:EACH ONE HELP ONE 作词:Philton Solomona/Chiedza Fungura/徐亮 作曲:Philton Solomona 编曲:Philton Solomona/李功傲 演唱:洋雷锋志愿服务队 录音:武汉蚂蚁工作室 制作:武汉光合映像传媒有限公司 总策划:高卓献  王琍 策划:孙焱  左双菊 统筹:陈楠  丁昱丹 导演:徐亮

歌词 Lyric

Each One Help One

Its what I believe in

This is me, this is my calling

This is me, this is my story

Each one help one

Together, each and every way forward

Together, building our communities

Together, helping out you and me

Oh Each one help one

Oh We are Yang Leifang

No matter where I am Ill

Ill always help a friend oh

Oh Each one help one

Oh We are Yang Leifang

No matter where I am Ill

Ill always be Yang Leifang

All hail to best volunteers

tanding ovation, let's give some cheers

2012 we started the story

it's 10 years now and we've got the glory

Ready to help all those in need

Always feeling honored indeed

Living life for our communities

And making each day filled with purity

A group of people in all diversity

Bringing  smiles together for you and me

Showing a love for the whole world to see

Unsung heroes going strong I guarantee

From blood donations

Protecting the environment;

Different races

Different faces

Together as one

The world's a better place

For you and me yo

Respect to the man that we call Leifeng

Respect to the name that we call our own

Respect to the cause

Respect to the dream

Respect to 10 years helping strangers we meet

Respect to the red

Which makes us complete

Respect to all needing nothing back in return

Respect to devotion

Respect to humanity

Above all, respect to all volunteers yoo

Watch the video and click on the link


Team Introduction

The Yang LeifengVolunteer Association of CCNU was established in 2012. At present, nearly 1,000 international students of CCNU from more than 100 countries have joined in it .The teams mission is to provide non-profit volunteer services to various institutions , including community centers, schools, transportation, hospitals, and more.

Projects and Activities

Public Transportation Volunteer ServiceYang Leifeng actively participates in public transportation volunteer services, such as providing guidance and assistance at railway and subway stations and volunteering during the Spring Festival travel rush. They help commuters navigate the subway system and provide information about routes, schedules, and ticketing.

Education Support Activities

Yang Leifeng volunteers engage in volunteer activities to support education, including participating in teaching programs and initiatives. They offer tutoring and mentoring to students in rural areas, organize language learning and cultural exchange sessions, and contribute to developing educational resources.

Community Care

Yang Leifeng demonstrates care and compassion by visiting and spending time with lonely elderly individuals in local communities and nursery centers. They provide companionship, engage in conversations, and offer assistance with daily tasks to alleviate their feelings of isolation. The team extends their support to children with leukemia by providing companionship, organizing recreational activities, and offering emotional support during their hospital stays.

Environmental Protection

The team actively participates in green and environmentally-friendly activities to promote sustainable practices and protect the environment. They engage in initiatives such as tree planting, waste reduction campaigns, and raising community awareness about environmental conservation.

Annual Blood Donation

Yang Leifeng organizes and actively participates in annual blood donation drives to contribute to the communitys healthcare needs. Every year more than 100 international students and other interested donors will participate. They promote the importance of blood donation, encourage others to participate, and organize donation campaigns in collaboration with local blood banks and medical institutions.

Major Sports Events

The team actively volunteers at major sports events, including Wuhan Marathon, Wuhan Open Tennis Tournament, the 7th World Military Games and more. They assist with event management, provide support to participants and spectators, and contribute to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Emergency Response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team actively volunteered in response to the crisis, providing support and services, and persevered through the most critical pandemic period in Wuhan, serving over 120 days for nearly 300 international students on campus. Volunteers were involved in various tasks such as distributing meals, conducting temperature checks, assisting with logistics, and supporting healthcare professionals in their efforts to combat the virus.

Media Coverage

The teams dedication and impactful activities have garnered media attention. Their volunteer services and achievements have been covered by various media outlets such as CCTV, Xinhua News, CGTN, China Daily, etc., raising awareness about their initiatives and inspiring others to participate in volunteerism.

Recognition and Achievements

In 2013, Adams (Nigerian), the first Leader of the"Yang Lei Feng" Volunteer Association , led the team members to participate in the recording of CCTV's "Community Heroes" program, and raised 250,000 yuan for the Chunmiao Primary School, a school for the children of migrant workers.

In 2015, the "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteer Association was named the annual organizers of the "Moving Campus" initiative of Central China Normal University

In 2017, the"Yang Leifeng" Volunteer Association was rated as the "Best Volunteer Service Organization" in Wuhan

In 2018,  "Yang Leifeng" Volunteer Association was awarded the "Best Volunteer Service Organization" in Hubei Province and again awarded the "Four 100" advanced typical selection of Leifeng's voluntary service

In 2019, the "Yang Leifeng Volunteers Association" participated in the 7th World Military Games and was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Volunteer"

In 2020,  "Yang Leifeng" Volunteer Association actively participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Lugazo and other members were awarded as "Advanced Individuals in Epidemic Prevention and Control" by the university.

In 2022, Lugazo (Tanzanian), the third Leader of "Yang Leifeng" Volunteer Association, was invited to participate in the World Youth Development Forum and the second "China-Africa Future Leaders Dialogue" to deliver a speech on behalf of outstanding international youth.

In 2023,  "Yang Leifeng" Volunteer Association was invited to participate in Hunan Satellite TV's "New Era New Leifeng" large-scale cultural evening show.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Yang Leifeng Volunteer Association. International students spontaneously produced the original theme song of  "Yang Lei feng" Volunteer Association, "Each One Help One" .

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