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Dormitory Regulations

Noise making

    1.In order to provide each student with a quiet learning environment, the college pays special attention to     noise control management in the dormitory. Students are not allowed to hold dances and private parties or any kind of parties in the dorm. Loud music which results in disturbing others is prohibited.

    2.Penalties for Students who Violates the Dormitory Management Regulations

Government Scholarship


Self-supporting Students

First Noise Complaint

Serious warning

Serious Warning

Second Noise


Living in the dormitory is  

not allowed

Not allowed to stay in the dorm

Third Noise


Annual scholarship review,  

do suspension processing

Expulsion from the school

     3.Noise complaints specific measures:

(1)All students once found making unnecessary noise in the dormitory  (including the surrounding    areas of the dormitory) can be reported immediately to the security personnel found on the first floor of         dormitory management staff.

(2)Students who are reported for noise making will be warned by the dormitory.

(3)If the student does not listen to the security personnel and continues making noise, the student will  be reported to the international student staff and will be punished in accordance with the above provisions for  curbing noise in the dorm and it environs.

Noise Prohibition Time: Day: 12: 00 am --- 14:30 pm;

Night: 11: 30 pm --- 8:00 am


International students who have invited friends and family members to China for a visit are required to      reserve rooms for their visitors in a hotel. The university does not provide accommodation for non-students in  the international students dormitories.

Contact of some hotels:

Guiyuan Hotel University’s Hotel Contact Number: 027-67866888

Future City Hotel Contact Number: 027-87158888

Junyi Wangchao Hotel   Contact Number: 027-8768777

Zhuoyue Vacation Hotel Contact Number: 027-87051888

When visiting students in the dormitory, visitors are required to register with the security personnel on the first floor of the dormitory with a valid ID passport, national ID card or student ID card. visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the dormitory. They will need to vacate the dorm before the doors are closed for the  night.

Dormitory Closing Times

Sunday - Thursday: 11:30pm - 6:00am

Friday and Saturday: 12:00am - 6:00am

Water and power usage

Dormitory electricity standard: 0.58 yuan / kwh; water standards: 1.9 yuan / ton.

All high powered electrical appliances like the electric cookers, ovens, microwaves, toasters, kettles etc. should be used only in the kitchens provided on each floor in the dormitory. The use of heaters of all kinds, gas cylinders and other highly inflammable and explosive equipment are prohibited in the dorm. Random periodic checks are carried out to make sure the right equipment are used in the dorm. Prohibited appliances if found will be seized and culprits will be punished.

Residence For Family Members Accompanying International Students

     1.The university does not provide residence for their family members in the dorm.

     2.If international students invite their family to accompany them for their studies, they will have to rent their own off campus accommodation. They can temporarily stay in a hotel till they rent their own off-campus accommodation. They are not allowed to stay in the international students dormitory. After providing the office with the temporary accommodation registration form and also after self-supporting students have paid health insurance, they will be provided with document for residence permit application.

3.Violators will be forced to move out of the dorm and the student will be punished and other punishment measures will apply.

Application for off-campus accommodation

1. Preparatory students are not allowed to apply for off-campus accommodation during their preparatory studies;

2. Undergraduates, master, and doctoral students are not allowed to apply for off-campus accommodation before the completion of         credits.

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