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Application Procedures for room changing

The international students’ dormitory and the international students affairs office will arrange rooms for students who wish to live in the dorm. Students are forbidden to change rooms without seeking official permission. If there is a special reason why a student wishes to change room and the conditions for room change are favorable, students can apply to change. The process for changing rooms is as follows:

1.The student should fill out the Dormitory Exchange Application Form,” acquired from office 206.

2.Then, the student should give the form to either his class teacher or supervisor for signing and submit the filled and signed form to office 206.

3.Students that have been accepted to change rooms can do this only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4.In a semester, a student can change room only once.

5.If the student owes rent, the student has first to pay his debt before changing the room.

6.After office 206 agrees the student to change the room, the student needs to pay the rent for six months at one time. The subsequent rent can be paid by students on a monthly basis.If the cost of the original room is different from the new room, students need to make up the room fee.

7.If room changing application is declined by Office 206, the student cannot change the dormitory themselves.

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