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The LANGUAGE CLUB was launched on 5th March, 2013, born out the mission and vision “to give back to the society, P.R. China” by OGUNYINKA, EMMANUEL KAYODE, a Nigerian. The first of its kind, free English class entitled “LETS’ TALK IN ENGLISH” and later included FRENCH, ARABIC, and SPANISH.


Now, on the move to include PUBLIC CHINESE LANGUAGE and CULTURE. As a subordinate to College of International Cultural Exchange (CICE), CICE Language Club specializes in providing language exchange services such as English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Public Chinese language and Culture.  We use to have two (2) classes each per week, based on language Oral Drills (listening and spoken drills). It includes study tours, cultural lectures and exchanges, winter and summer camps, etc. Our tenets are providing clients with real environment and chances to practice language and helping clients to get an in-depth understanding of foreign language. Besides, we also organize various kinds of amusing camps for students in winter and summer.


For further enquiries, contact:

Coordinator:                    Kayode (Smart)                 13555377593                   

Gen. Sec.:                      David                                 13407157270

Program Officer:             Chen Nan                           027-67868889

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