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Yang Lei Feng Volunteers Association

Yang Lei Feng Volunteers Association was established in the year 2012. It was established because there were some students doing some sort of volunteering and there were many who had too much free time on their hands and with little or nothing to do once school was not in session. In order to give the international student something to look forward to, the Yang Lei Feng Volunteers Association was formed. Since Lei Feng‘s influence is widely respected in China, international students also decided to learn something from him hence the name of the association dubbed Yang Lei Feng Volunteers Association.


Its formation has being a positive impact in the lives of many students as well as Locals. Volunteers have volunteered in less privileged schools, visited old people’s homes and visited the sick in the hospital. 5th March which is Lei Feng Day has seen volunteers involved in many sanitation works all over Wuhan. It has ranged from directing and helping in the subways to working with the Environmental Sanitation Bureau of Wuhan to help keep Wuhan clean.  Volunteers have partnered with some bureaus to help make Wuhan a better place for both foreigners and Chinese. What the association can boast of is its Annual Blood Donation Exercise where it partners with the blood donation center of Wuhan. This exercise sees over 100 international students each year donating blood to help save any life it can.


It is the hope and dream of the Yang Lei Feng Volunteers Association to keep giving back to the Chinese community especially here in Wuhan which has accepted it as part of it.





Office 206, College of International Cultural Exchange, CCNU


Tel: 027-6786 5529

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