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Application Guide for CCNU Scholarship(for excellent new students)2023  

In order to attract excellent overseas students to study in our university, we’ve set the CCNU Scholarship(for excellent new students)to help students financially. Please read the following application notice carefully:

Ⅰ. Application Timeline

From 2023-06-01 to 2023-06-30

Ⅱ. Applicants

1. Non-Chinese citizens;

2. New overseas students who intend to start their first year study at CCNU from September,2023;

3. The applicants shouldn’t have applied for other scholarship of any kind in this university;

4. Degree/ Diploma and age requirement:

-Chinese Languagegeneral study (non-degree)applicants should haveat least graduated from high school. Applicants with High School degree/diploma should be below 25 years old, with Bachelor degree/diploma should be below 35 years old, with Master degree/diploma should below 45 years old, with PhD degree/diploma should be below 55 years old.

- Bachelor applicants should have obtained High School degree/diploma and below 25 years old;

- Masters applicants should have obtained Bachelor degree /diploma and below 35 year old;

Ⅲ. ScholarshipPrograms

Chinese language programs: general Chinese language study for one year or one semester, Bachelor of Chinese Language, Masters of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Ⅳ. Types of the Scholarship

1. Full tuition fee waiver;

2. Half tuition fee waiver;

* CCNU Scholarship only covers tuition fee. It does not cover accommodation,living expenses and other costs.

Ⅴ. Application Procedures

1. Register on the websitehttps://ccnu.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx,then enter the web-page of application, and click CCNU Scholarship.

2. Upload all the documents required on the application page. Fill out the online application form step by step and submit.

* The application process should be completed online only. There is no need to mail the hard copy of application documents to the admissions office.

Ⅵ. Application Documents

All the following documents should be in high quality scanned copy :

1. Passport copy (first two pages)

2. Highest degree (diploma)

3. Transcripts

4. HSK certificate

Very Important Keys:

* If your degree/diploma is not in Chinese nor English, please translate and notarize it, then upload both original and notarizedversions;

* Study/Working experience: Please start from your High school until now and ensure the time between records areinsequence;

* If any document is issued in other language rather than Chinese or English, you must also provide a notarized translation;

* Application Fee : 300 RMB

Ⅶ. Result Publication

Successful applicants of the CCNU scholarship application will be informed by email around the early or the middle of July. It will also be published on the official website of the College of International Cultural Exchange, Central China Normal University. Website address:http://cice.ccnu.edu.cn/.

. Contact Information

Tel: +8627-67865607


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