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Campus Canteens

Students are able to have meals in any of the seven canteens with a campus ID card. If money deposit is needed, the service desks and ID card machines in every canteen are available within opening hours.

Business hours: 6:00~9:00 for breakfast, 10:30~13:00 for lunch, 16:30~19:00 for dinner.

Take-out service: Available in all canteens.

  • The East Canteen I

Location: Near the postgraduate dormitories in the east district.

Different varieties of snacks are served. Lies in a convenient location, the canteen enjoys top priority among students.

Tel: 027—67861709

  • The East Canteen II

Location: Located in Yuanbao Shan district, near the undergraduates dormitories in the east district.

The Muslim canteen is on the first floor, serves various kinds of special snacks such as fried noodles and braised chicken with potato and green pepper. The Shan Cheng Restaurant on the second floor is perfect to hold dinner parties and class activities for its bright space and delicious food with reasonable prize.

Tel: 027—67861713

  • Xuezi Canteen

Location: Beside the East Basketball Court.

The buffet on the second floor is worth mentioning, along with the western snacks provided there. Also, a bakery and a western-style fast food restaurant, Paile Hamburger is right beside the canteen.

Tel: 027—67861707

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