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International Travel Friends Club

International Travel Friends Club was founded in October 2012 by oversea students and Chinese students,anchoring in the International Cultural Exchange College.It's a community of oversea students and Chinese students.CCNUITFC share the spirit-through good "individual" activities of physical and mental health to promote travel companions "health", as well as through social and physical activities (such as a charity event) to contribute "harmonious society",provide a platform for those wandering and residing outside to help each other and learn from each other, for networking!We advocate travelling companions have both a good body and spirit, that is, "to perfect himself, at the same time, be considerate, care and support society". That is why we are "learning while working while growing while contributing to society".

Since CCNUITFC was founded,we have been developing with positive attitude, wider vision, multiple culture, and abundant resources, to accept people around, to unite, to develop innovation, to create a platform as a "home".We have  giant annual hiking activities on the first day of New Year, weekly routine activities no matter rain or shine,weekly culture bilingual salon, and loving and helping the young and the elder public activities.It has been receiveing widely highly concern and support from oversea students, Chinese students, school both inside and outside, and society.

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