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The formation of friendship is one of the things CCNU offers to its international students. It offers the right atmosphere for Cultural Exchange. Many international students learn about each other’s culture and sometimes they find it interesting other times they find it strange. But the need to learn from each other’s culture was so strong in the international student hence the formation of the Dance Club for and by the international student.


The dance club was formed in 2013 by a group of students from over 15 different countries. Dancing was a means to help these students to understand each other’s cultures. The members had the opportunity to learn African dances as well as samba from Brazil that year. There was no need for an instructor. The student themselves taught each other. That year the dance club members participated in CCNU’s 2013 Sport Meeting where they were awarded Best Performance for the opening ceremony. Members went ahead to perform in other school performances and since then have learnt dances like traditional Chinese Dances, Kizomba, Zouk etc.


Members are looking forward to cultural exchange through dancing from associating with other students. The dance club has opened its doors to new members and new international student teachers willing to share their culture through dance.





Office 206, College of International Cultural Exchange, CCNU


Tel: 027-6786 5529

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