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Central China Normal University 2022 “College Graduate Students” Chinese Government Scholarship Program Admission Guide

I. Major in Admission, Category and Scholarship term

1. Major in Admission: please refer to the International Student Admission Guide of Central China Normal University (website:多语种宣传册-新国际文化交流学院 (ccnu.edu.cn))

2. Admission category: Master’s degree and PhD

3. Term of the scholarship: including Chinese Language year and Major Study. The term of Chinese Language year is generally 1 year, the term of Master Major Study is 2 years, and the term of PhD Major Study is 4 years.

II. Scholarship Content and Criteria

1. Subsidy Content:Including tuition fees, accommodation expenses, living expense and comprehensive medical insurance fees.

2. Funding Criteria

2.1. Tuition Free

2.2. Provide free dormitories or provide accommodation subsidies

2.3. Living expense: 3000RMB/month for Master’s degree and 3500RMB/month for PhD

2.4. Comprehensive medical insurance fees: 800RMB/person/year

III. Application Criteria

1. Non-Chinese citizens of Belt and Road countries, physical and mental health.

2. Applicants for a Master's degree should have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, have excellent academic performance and be generally no older than 35 years of age; applicants for a doctoral degree should have a Master's degree or equivalent, have excellent academic performance and be generally no older than 40 years of age.

3. Language requirements

Applicants to the ChinesTeachingpostgraduate programme are only eligible to apply if their Chinese language proficiency is at least HSK4. Applicants who have attained HSK5 or abovecanapply for direct entry to the programme. Applicants who have not attained HSK5canapply for one year of remedial Chinese language study before entering themajor study.

Applicants to the EnglishTeachingprogramme are required to provideproofof English language proficiency with a TOEFL score of 85 and an IELTS score of 6.0. Applicants who are unable to provide proof ofstandardizedEnglish language testing are required to provide proof of English language instruction for their previous degree studies. Applicants whosemotherlanguage is English are exempt from providing proof of English language proficiency as described above.

IV. Application Process

1. Applicants log into the "Management Information System for Chinese Government Scholarships to Study in China".(http://www.campuschina.org). Fill in the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form online and submit the required application documents; Central China Normal University admission code is 10511 and the category of Chinese Government Scholarship Program for "Postgraduate Students" is: Category B.

V. Application Documents

1. “Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form”(applied online)

2. The front page of Passport. Applicants must submit a clear and scanned copy of the front page of their ordinary passport, which is validafter1 March 2023, or a new passport if the expiry date of the current passport does not meet the requirements. For applicants who for objective reasons are unable to apply for a passport before submitting their application, with the permission of the receiving authority, submit a valid document or certificate containing their "English Name,Gender,Nationality and Date of Birth".

3. Notarized certificate of the highest academic qualification. If the applicant is a student, he/she must submit a certificate of expected graduation or a certificateor proofof attendance issued by his/her school.

4. Academic transcripts.A notarized Chinese or English translation shall be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English text.

5. Certificate of Language Proficiency. Applicants must provide a valid HSK score reportsthat corresponds to the appropriate Chinese language level requirement.

6. Study PlanorResearchto come toChina. (notless than 1000 words), writtenin Chinese or English.

7. Letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors,writtenin Chinese or English.

8. The applicant must submit a copy of the "Medical Examination Form for Foreigners" (the original shall kept by themselves,this form shall be uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department and must be applied in English).Applicant should strictly follow the items required in the "Medical Examination Form for Foreigners". The "Medical Examination Form for Foreigners" is not valid if the items are missing, if the photograph is not affixed or if the photograph is not stamped with a seal or signed and stamped by the doctor and the hospital. The inspection results are valid for six months.

9. Certificate of nocriminal record. Applicants must submit a valid certificate of no criminal record issued by the local public security authorities, which should normally be within 6 months beforethe date of submission of the application.

VI. Contact Information

Teacher Wang: Phone: 0086-27-67865209

Email: cice@ccnu.edu.cn

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