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The 4th Guizishan International Cultural Festival


CCNU hosted the 4th Guizishan International Cultural Festival on May 20th 2017. The festival is held every two years and is one of the major cultural events of Central China Normal University.

This year, international students from 58 countries took part in this show. They arranged the exhibition booth along the main avenue on campus, decorated with pictures of beautiful scenery of their country.

Li Li'an from Cape Verde and Yuan Yuyi from the Huashi Intercultural Communication Association spoke as student representatives and expressed their expectations for this Festival. Five student representatives from five continents took the stage presented gifts with national characteristics to the leaders of CCNU.

After the opening ceremony, international students began to perform on the stage. The Burundi drum performance ignited the atmosphere and many spectators began to sway with the rhythm. Kyrgyzstan's clothing show demonstrated the national style of the “Belt and Road” countries and won applause from the audience. The flame dance by the Kirk ethnic minority students impressed the audience and the dance of students from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Uganda were also very exciting.

In the booths, some were cooking local specialties and some performed traditional folk songs and dances. Vietnamese students made delicious spring rolls, jellies and other specialty snacks and also showed the interesting bamboo-jumping dances.

The Myanmar booth was covered with parasols and the beautiful Burmese girls in their traditional costume danced with umbrellas. At the Chinese booth, exquisite open-carving objects were displayed, as well as Peking Opera masks which is classified as "intangible cultural heritage."

Last year, the number of international students in CCNU reached 2,917 and the proportion of international students from the the Belt and Road countries has reached 58%. Among the many outstanding international students, there are Adamu from Nigeria (the foreign Leifeng), Fan Shimingzhuang from Vietnam and "Malaysian Uncle" Chen Youfu.

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