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Vice president of CCNU Li Xiangnong convened a symposium involving students and teachers who won prizes in “China Exploration”


On the afternoon of 27th, June, vice president Li Xiangnong of CCNU held talks with 15 students and teachers participating in “China Exploration”

Firstly, President Li congratulated the 10 student (8 international students and 2 students for college of physical education) who won second prizes in first Ministry of Education’s “China Exploration” competition. he said that it was unique that our university’s students team won second prize in national sports competition and it is reported by CCTV news, they made great contributions to both college of international culture exchange and college of physical exchange, even made contributions to Central China Normal University. President Li thanked college of physical education’s couches for their teaching and effective instruction. He concluded that all the couches in the competition were experienced, all the design were creative, the students were talented and hardworking; all the students and teacher were unite as one and dare to bear sufferings, they fully carried forward spirit of Central China Normal University and won second prized in the national championship.

All the students awarded in the completion were excited, they reviewed wonderful parts in the competition with teacher and couched from college of international exchange through presentation and vides, and all of those students said it was a great exercise and unforgettable experience and they appreciated the couches’ instruction.

“China Exploration” ‘s full title is “China Exploration——International Students Sports Culture Tour in China”. The competition’s’ primary contest, Jiuzhou contest and national finals took places in more than 500 universities receiving international students. There were 28 universities’ teams participating in the national finals. The competition consists of 3 VS. 3 basketball game, national traditional sport events, orienteering, group talent show and individual talent show five events. Since this March, our teams beat the opponents all the way in primary contest in Hubei province and Jiuzhou contest and finally won second prize in the national finals.    

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